Code of Practice is something completly different

Quality control work is often regarded as making heavy demands on resources and also entailing cumbersome administration. But our concept has been quite the reverse. Code of Practice has been devised to simplify the work, ensure quality and increase profitability. Our quality control system helps you both with administrative procedures, technical and medical documentation and with patient follow-up. At the same time you may rest assured that you are complying with the relevant legislation and with the Medical Device Directive for patient safety.

Code of Practice combines the requirements from ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and 93/42 EEC (the Medical Device Directive) in order to manage patients’ technical and medical documentation in a simple manner.

Code of Practice has been developed by clinical professionals with a practical knowledge and experience from the orthotic and prosthetic industry. The result is a quality management system which follows the daily work process. But it is also a system under continuous development. With our large network of clinical personnel we have a close relationship with the practical side of things. The collected experience and competence of the network is an invaluable asset in the ongoing work of improving our products and services.

About the company Code of Practice

We have worked with management systems in the orthotic and prosthetic industry for more than 10 years. We are now established in 15 countries and our system has been translated into 20 different languages. Code of Practice has for several years been part of the Otto Bock group, and by virtue of this global network it is represented everywhere where Otto Bock is found. We ourselves, of course, are certified in accordance with ISO 9001.

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