CoPDoc for patient documentation makes
the clinical day a little easier

The patient documentation is perhaps the most central part of the system and is used daily. The patient module in CoPDoc contains all the forms which are required in one’s daily activity: Patient Clinical Notes, Measurement charts, Patient Analyses and User Information.

There are over twenty different measurement charts for various devices and levels. For those customers who so wish we can create wholly customer-specific forms which have the same functionality as the standard form. Thanks to a large number of settings the system can be tailor-made to suit every user. This makes the program easy to use even for people with little or no experience of computers.

Attach files. Add the photos, Word files, video clips, pdf’s, gait analysis files or other electronic files and link these to a patient or a job. This simplifies and improves the documentation of each patient and job.

Signatures. Each event is signed with a simple command, which makes it possible to follow the status of each job.

Clinical Notes and comments. Daily notes show, in chronological order, all events involving the patient. In order to keep correct documentation quickly and simply, one can create templates for clinical notes. These can be pasted in later, edited and signed.

There are also models for manufacturing instructions, so that documenting of the structure of a disability aid is simplified.

User information. Each patient must be provided with individualised user information. CoPDoc facilitates this with more than ten different forms with texts written by clinical specialists. These texts are easily edited in CoPDoc. Text from templates can also be pasted into the form. The finished information is signed, printed and given to the patient.

Search components. Find components and/or batch numbers with a few clicks of the mouse. Everything is stored in the measurement charts, which makes it very easy when one wants to find which patient has received a particular component. This is of course very important if products have to be recalled, but it can also be used on statistics search.

Offline. In order to work with CoPDoc offline, the patient information can be transferred to a pocket PC or a laptop. There, data can be edited or added to, with a view to later being synchronised with the network.

CoPDoc for patient documentation makes the clinical working day a little easier!

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