Who is the customer of an orthotic and prosthetic company

Some say that it is the patient who is the customer, whilst others are of the opinion that it is public institutions or insurance companies. From our perspective the “customer” is a mix of interested parties whose quality requirements have to be satisfied. But it is always the patient who is in focus.

All of this means that the orthotic and prosthetic company has a series of demands made upon it, both explicit and implicit. Furthermore, there are laws and regulations which simply must be complied with.

The Code of Practice quality management system may be employed to meet all of these requirements in a serious and professional manner. With this a company is able to enhance its competitiveness in the market-place, improve its production flow, increase revenues and reduce costs, while all the time the frontiers for state-of-the-art products and services are being pushed forward.

Our products and services

CoPDoc™ is our unique, Windows-based program which comprises the quality control system: procedures, manuals and database forms. It is possible within the system to create dynamic links to business systems. All patient documentation is looked after in CoPDoc, including measurement sharts and clinical notes.

Management system
The quality management system Code of Practice is our main product. Our customers themselves determine the scope of the program: purely technical patient documentation, management procedures for MMD, ISO certification or for a TQM system which also comprises environmental procedures.

In order to help the customer to continually improve his activity we conduct regular audits in consultation with the customer. We may also conduct individual audits in order to document how the customer meets the requirements of the Medical Device Directive. Code of Practice is intended to form the basis of certification in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

Patient questionnaires
Do you want to know how you can become even better? With our standardised patient questionnaire you can, based upon the patients’ experiences, measure the results of your activity and also compare them with other, unidentified, CoP users.

Our co-operation with the orthotic and prosthetic industry for our own and our customers’ development are important parts of Code of Practice. Read more about our training programme and courses.

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